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Congress theme & topics

Congress Theme: Tunnelling for a Better Life

Focus on the sustainability of tunneling

To develop sustainably, the world needs more tunnels and underground works as sustainable, resilient, low-carbon, smart and safe solution to provide people with transportation services, shopping malls, parking lots, shelters from bad weather and facilities for waste disposal.

Energy-saving and eco-friendly, green and low-carbon

The congress will focus on the latest trends and development directions of tunneling and underground engineering, look forward to the era of low-carbon environmental protection and intelligent technology, and provide a good platform for industry research, survey, design, construction methods and technology exchange with advanced information, digital and intelligent tools.

Promotion and application of intelligent construction technology

The conference will also provide an excellent opportunity for participants to showcase new materials, technologies, processes and equipment and to look into the future.

These new technologies and equipment will further enhance the value of tunnels and underground works in a highly efficient manner, advancing the industry and the society it serves.

17 Main Topics

  • 1

    Geology and Exploration

  • 2

    Design innovations

  • 3

    Mechanized tunnelling

  • 4

    Conventional tunnelling

  • 5

    Tunnelling under challenging conditions (complex terrain and environmental conditions etc.)

  • 6

    Immersed tube tunnels

  • 7

    Use of underground space (including urbanization, storage, energy, waste etc.)

  • 8


  • 9

    Information technology and application (BIM, IOT)

  • 10

    Tunnel inspection and monitoring technology

  • 11

    Tunnelling risk management (geological prediction, disaster prevention)

  • 12

    Occupational health, safety, environment

  • 13

    Life cycle, tunnel operation and maintenance

  • 14

    Sustainability and decarbonization

  • 15

    Tunnel construction equipment (BEV, Automation)

  • 16

    Contracts and Insurance

  • 17

    Architecture & Aesthetics